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About our investment offer

We suggest you to take part in this highly profitable online investment plans.

The modern cryptocurrency market provides the opportunity not only for trading, but also for other investments in cryptocurrencies and gold.
We offer a unique opportunity to earn daily from 12% to 225% with the help of experts with extensive knowledge and skills in trade and investment in cryptocurrencies and valuable ores using their high-quality technical base.
BitGoldTrade offers the opportunity to become a company investor and participate in investments in one of three lucrative investment plans ensuring high returns on a daily basis.
The minimum investment amount is $ 30 and the maximum investment amount is $ 100,000. (If you want to invest more, we will prepare a special investment plan for you)
If you invest in the "Silver" plan, you will receive a 12% profit every day for 10 days.
By investing in the "Gold" plan you will receive 150% within 7 days.
The most profitable investment plan is the "Crypto". We guarantees a profit of 225% in 5 days.
We invite you to join us and start earning today. Our top-quality specialists are happy to help you and take care of your money so that you can sleep peacefully.

Initial investment in silver

  • 12% daily for 10 days
  • Min deposit: 30 USD
  • Max deposit: 499 USD
  • Deposit is included in payments



Initial investment in gold

  • 150% after 7 days
  • Min deposit: 500 USD
  • Max deposit: 1999 USD
  • Deposit is included in payments

7 Days


Initial investment in crypto

  • 225% after 5 days
  • Min deposit: 2000 USD
  • Max deposit: 100,000 USD
  • Deposit is included in payments

5 Days

Min : $30
Max : $499